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Post 727Consolidated with Post 9957 in Taipei as of August 13, 2017.
Ted W. Steppe - Last-Post 727 Commander
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This site is now devoted to other subjects.

We seem not to learn from the past - apparently because we forget quickly!  Many have forgotten the injustices of the not so distant past - they may be destined to remain open sores on our core democracy.

I doubt if anyone today believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin - and most don't believe he even pulled a trigger on that fateful day.  Yet this crime remains unsolved!   Why is that???  Do we not care if a President is assasinated?  It was decades  before the OSS agent, Douglas Bazata claimed responsible for General Patton's death, confessed - and is still not taken seriously by many. 
When - and if - the truth comes out about the JFK assasination, will we ignore it and carry on only worrying about the latest news item?

  But there is also the assassination of Bobby Kennedy??  How many shots were fired??   Of what caliber??   And the evidence is where???    And Marilyn Monroe??   Really???   Where is Jimmy Hoffa??  So many unknowns.   But I've focused mainly on "9/11".   This began - what appears to me -  to be the major turning point in the widespread revocation or restrictions on many American traditional Freedoms - most evident by the political radicalism of a minority group - and the unlimited and unchecked authority provided in the name of "homeland security".    And the "NEWS" channels' talking heads and their cry for transparency etc.!   But bring up the transparency that  Edward Snowden brought to us and watch them change their tune!!!!   Both Snowden and Manning disclosed clear federal law violations being commited by the US Government  - but are they the traitors!!!???   You can't have it both ways.   

And let me apologize now -  I have many flaws and it may appear that I have only become active in these injustices because the "victums" were  WHITE and MALE - possibly inferring that the eons of crimes and injustices commited against BLACKs, or FEMALEs, or JEWS, or ASIANS, or ARABS, (and the list goes on)  are not equally reprehensible!!!   But I have chosen only these three subjects to highlight.     

September 11, 2001 is like another day of infamy - roughly the same number of people were killed on this day as on December 7, 1941.  President Roosevelt  acted decisively against the actual perpetrator(s).    Was attacking Iraq the appropriate sought after "revernge" solution???   Now whose idea was that, given that the FBI stated that most of the perpetrators were Saudi???  And Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with Al Quadi or any other " foreign terrorist" group.   So... review the materials I have collected concerning 9/11.   Admittedly the films on the subject are biased and contain some material that is supposition, not factual  - be they pro or con "conspiracy theory".    But there is sufficient provable materials to raise serious doubts that the real and complete truth has yet to emerge!  If one does not ignore the laws of physics nor discard eyewitness accounts then believing official explanations of 9/11 become next to impossible - those explanations must be flawed!

And Voting - what a fiasco - still today!   Voter suppression, purged voting roles, lost ballots, machines that "can't count" accurately.  And on and on.  Suffice it to say, we have difficulties with our method(s) of voting and inconsistencies from state to state.  I urge you to watch and study the film HACKING DEMOCRACY  - this should be shown twice every election year, once a month AFTER the election, and once a month before the election!!

Get yourself a cup of coffee and relax! 

I'm adding some sections of personal photos - I call it "PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS"  -  the "things" in this case are predominantly CARS!   I love  old cars, classics, antiques, rat rods, prototypes -   Click on the CARS link.    There's a lot of ground to cover.


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