District IV
EX-Post Commander Ted W. Steppe

General Interest Photos

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Other Photo collections 
-  Red Bull's Hanger 7 & 8
this is a gas for lovers of speed - be it on water, land, or in the sky!
-  How about some Antique Classics   Deerfield, Michigan, 1968
-   Italian carsl!   Minneapolis, Minnesota 2010
-  Around the world - from the air
  Stunning photos from Yann Arthus-Betrand
-  A blast from the past - HOT RODS!   Most taken at BACK TO THE FIFTIES, Minneapolis
-   More Cars from Wayzata Drive-in, Wayzata, Minnesota- Every Thursday Night
Waverly MN
-  More car shows around the area - Henderson, Maple Lake, Buffalo, etc.
-  How about some concept cars - even some that escaped the crusher!
-  Some we will not forget!  Remembered - a bit of trivia and member contributed photos.  Thanks!!!!
-  Here's a link to a site that covers the DAWG airmen in Taiwan!   The US had "listening" sites in Taiwan starting in the 50s through the 70s.    And interesting site!

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Trivia:  So.. where is Andorra?