Minnesota Car Shows
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This collection comes from Henderson, Maple Lake, and Buffalo, Minnesota.   Almost every small town in Minnesota attracts 100s of   Hot Rods during the summer and it moves from town to town. The "biggy" is the "Back to the Fifties" show at the state fair grounds - it attracts ovr 10,000 cars from Pebble Beach quality to rat-rods - another page is dedicated specifically to that show.  Here are a few examples from the local shows.....   as usual, click to enlarge!

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The previous year, my friend drove this two wheeled monster from Waverly to Maple Lake - a relatively short distance.  A year older and apparently significantly wiser, he trailered it this time!!


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cars 109.jpg (6203905 bytes)   cars 110.jpg (7178932 bytes) OK, so you've got this old fire truck and you want a hot-rod??  Hummm?

Look closely at the ignition setup - that's a V-12 with dual spark plugs - dual coils, and dual distributors.  Typical of firetrucks.

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