Waverly Minnesota

Home of Hubert Humphrey and  more than their share of "eccentric"  people!   But you can't help but to love them - they work hard and play just as hard.    Every year they have something called Waverly Daze - car show, burn outs, the local Moose and ElK lodges host a bar-b-q with band, fireworks, and in general a good time!  Not to be missed.  

If you have ever watched one of the "pickers" shows, they make regular stops at one of the local's warehouse (not open to the public!)   I've a few snapshots from his collection!  

So...  once again from my camera ........

as usual - click to enlarge

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Dont see many of these left!   1939 Ford Pickup!

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Now for the Bikes, odds and ends collection!!!   Look closely on shelfs and surroundings for the signs of a collector who can't quit!!!


Many Moons ago, I owned a Norton "thumper" something like this.   A real kidney bruiser!   If the poor suspension didn't get you the  500C long stroke engine would!


 A work once in progress!   Country boys of yesteryear would find a way to have a motorcycle!!  Note that it WAS rideable at one time - see photo!



It should also be noted that some of these bikes were purchased new by this collector, and PARKED!  Sorry!  I don't remember which ones!!!  I was so dazzled that all this was is in a private collection in a small farming town!


I personally am not enamored with most things "British" - even their fine motor cars and bikes had shoddy electronics, are mechanical  nightmares, and their penchant for special tooling were a mechanics headache - British Standard, Wentworth, and few others that don't have names just a special tool set that you must buy from the factory!!!    But two bikes they did reasonably well, the Vincent Black Shadow, and Aerial Square Four.  Perhaps because, both were roughly 1000cc engines  - and reasonably well assembled if not well designed!  And the engines were relatively trouble free except for the absolute horrible shoddy electronics!!!  The highly reliable, easily maintained, economical, and fast "rice burners" were the death blow to most of the  motorcycle industry.   Others made improvements to cope.



I have no idea what this engine was used on!!!  The large flywheel looks like a belt pulley to drive something?? 



Another unidentified engine the likes of I've never seen.


An early Matchless!!   Morgan once used the matchless engine in a three wheeled car.   Matchless motorcycles ceased production sometime in the sixties - although they continued production  with the Norton line which they owned.

And you thought I liked only old cars!!!  This is my '91 El Dorado - well not exactly new, but in everything but year, it is like new!

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