Post 727Consolidated with Post 9957 in Taipei as of August 13, 2017.
Ex-Post 727 Commander Ted W. Steppe
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1st Place - Matthias Schmidt of Morrison Academy, Taichung
(placed 41st in Nationals!)

2nd Place - Brian Teeng, Morrison Academy, Taichung

3rd Place - Julia Fan, Morrison Academy, Taichung

  Great Job! 

Randy Schmidt won the Teachers award - a teacher at Morrison Academy - and proud father of Matthias!  


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Voice of Democracy

1st Place went to Joseph Liu or Morrison Academy, Taichung

2nd Place - Stephen Tong - Morrison Academy, Taichung

3rd. Place - Isaac Bitinger - Morrison Academy, Taichung


And Congratulations to all that participated!
Thank You

Over the past twenty-some years, Post 727 entrants at Department level have won seven times the VOD and four times the Patriot’s Pen contests. The Post’s last winner Department level that won first place in the Patriot’s Pen contest was Jacob Van Singel from Taichung who placed twenty-ninth at National.


Visit the VOD section for updates of winners in the VOD/PP/TA since 2013.   Post 9957 has continued the tradition of supporting these programs.

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