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1958 Packard "Hawk".   Last ditch effort from the Packard-Studebaker merger.  588 were produced.  Although not a prototype like most others on this page, it might as well be - few remain intact!   It was basically a Studebaker Hawk with their 289 CI engine that sported a McCullough supercharger, and fiberglass front clip  It was fast!  The  '57 Golden Hawk that also had the supercharged 289 engine.  The 1956 Golden Hawk  sported a 352 CI Packard engine.    The '58 Hawk also had a posi-trac rear-end and larger brakes.  Driving any one of these three will send chills up your spine when "punched" - these were trully muscle cars before that term became popular.      



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The first Stingray was a prototype  - 1959.  The car went into production the following year and performed well on the racing circuit. 

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1953 Caddy Ghia.   An absolute beautiful car that very little made its way to any other production models. 

This car was bought by Aly Khan for Rita Hayworth.   Several Ghias were made.

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1953 Caddy LeMans.   Almost all of the special features on this car did make it to other production models in the 50s.

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The very unique rear end did NOT cross over to production - people still wanted heavy steel bumpers!


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This car showed up at Back to the 50s in Mn a few years back.  It is a production 1953 Vet.  It looked good, but had Chevys antiqiudated  babbit bearing 6 cyl engine - although it did have dual carbs.  It handled like a buck board and rode almost as bad!  But it is a "vet"!

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1953 Car show unveilved their Corvette line - oddily enough  the  production model that was rushed late in  1953 (previous slide) was NOT part of their initial line up.   And the the two models shown above did NOT go into production.   However, if you look at the fastback at the bottom, this style was incorporated into their european Opel line up.



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1954 Desota should have been a production car!  But sadly only one was built - and sold to the King of Morraco, who then sold it to an American Diplomat.    There is no rear seat, instead that area has custom mae luggage that fits the space.

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1954 Dodge Fire Bomb - a similar style called the FireArrow was also produced in 1953.   Both sported Chryslers Hemi V-8.

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1956 Buick Centurion Concept car.  Many features were found in 1956 Century production.  

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I think this was called the Buick Wildcat.



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Another earlier version of the Caddy Cyclone.