Post 727Consolidated with Post 9957 in Taipei as of August 13, 2017.
Ex-Post 727 Commander Ted W. Steppe
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Post 727 - 2013 - 2014  Officers:
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Commander:                                      Orville Humfleet
Sr. Vice Commander:                      Robert Malinoski
Jr. Vice Commander:                                 Ted Steppe
Quartermaster:                               William Wichmann
Chaplain:                                             James A. Wood
Surgeon:                                             Brian D. Eklund
Advocate:                                                Eugene Hirte
Trustee 1 year:                                   James Sabranni
Trustee 2 year:                      Michael R. Black PhD
Trustee 3 year:                                 Donald R. Bodie

ADJUTANT:                             William H. Wichmann
Service Officer:                                      Eugene Hirte
Membership Chairman:                 Robert Malinoski
Community Activities:                         Michael Black
VOD/Youth Essay:                  William H. Wichmann
Hospital Chairman:                         Donald R. Bodie
Americism Chairman:                           Eugene Hirte
Buddy Poppy Chairman:           Robert E. Malinoski
Loyal Day Chairman:                     Wayne M. Cosby
National Home:                                          Lenny Wei
Historian:                                            Leroy Gradney
Roving Ambassodor:                        Mario Bortoluzzi
Officer of the Day:                                      Lenny Bly
Guard:                                                 Samuel S. Gray


In 2017 we elected Ted Steppe as Post Commander to complete the consolidation of Post 727 with Post 9957.   Due to failing health of Comrade Wichmann,  Comrade Steppe also had to provide assistance to Comrade Wichmann in performing Quartermaster duties and to assume the duties of VOD/PP/TA Chairman.

And many thanks to Orville Humfleet for your untiring service!


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