Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America
Department of the Pacific

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I tried to keep up with changes in post links - some have changed to facebook and some have expired.   If your link doesn't properly respond - TOUGH - no more updates. 

District I
              Okinawa                                           District II           Japan
Post 9723            Naha                                                   Post 1054           Yokosuka
                                                                                   Post 9450           Tokyo
                                                                                   Post 9555           Yokota
                                                                                   Post 9612           Camp Zama
District III          Korea                                      District IV          Taiwan
Post 8180             Seoul                                          Post 727             Taichung  
Post 9985            Tongduchon                               Post 9957           Taipei  
Post 10033          Taegu
Post 10215          Uijonbu
Post 10216         
Post  10223         Camp Humprheys
Post  11016         Songnam

Post  12109         Waegan

District V          Thailand                                     District VI          Marianas
Post 9876             Pattaya                                       Post 1509            Yigo, Guam
Post 9951            
Bangkok                                     Post 2917            Agat
Post 10217           Korat                                           Post 3457            Saipan
Post 10249           Udorn                                
Post 11575           Phnom Penh
Post 12074           Chiang Mai
District VII          Philippines
Post 124                Baguio
Post 2485              Angeles City
Post 9892              La Union
Post 11447            Subic

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