The primary force that threatens Liberty is Ignorance!
(quote from a U.S. immigrant)

Lets take a look at the FBI's list of Terrorists hi-jackers of September 11, 2001.   As of June 2015, the FBI has not changed, modified, or corrected their initially published list.  They HAVE stated that their information is not infallible.  But they have not displayed any  attempts  to verify contradictory claims, and modify the terrorists list if required - or reconfirm their assertions..

Flt 11         Salam Al Suqami
                  Waleed M. Alshehr        - confirmed alive and well
                  Wail Alsharhri                 - confirmed alive and well
                  Mohamed Atti                 - reported by his father to be live and well - questionable confirmation
                  Abdul Aziz Alomari        -  confirmed alive and well

Flt 77        Khalid Al Midhar              -  confirmed alive and well
                 Majed Moqed
                 Nawaq Al Hamzi
                 Saleem Al Hamzi              - confirmed alive and well
                 Hani Hanjour

Flt 175      Marwan Al Shehni
                 Fayez Ahmed
                 Ahmed Alghamdi
                 Hamza Al Ghamdi
                 Mohand Al Shehri           -  confirmed alive and well

Flt 93       Saeed Al Ghamdi              -  confirmed alive and well
                Ahmed Arbaznawi
                Ahmed Alnami                  -   confirmed alive and well
                Ziad Jafrani

That are EIGHT of nineteen that have been confirmed to be alive and well by several news agencies - and they were video-taped to confirm their presence.  Hmmm?.

Lets take a look at another little lie -
On numerous occasions Rumsfield, Cheney, Rice, and Bush stated emphatically to their absolute certain knowledge of WMD's in Iraq.   NOW we know that on September 8, 2002 this story first 'went public' and gained momentum by VP Cheney saying this on national TV and attributing the New York Times as his source of the information - the Knight Ridder news people were a little more skeptical and learned from the New York Times reporter that the reported actually got the information for the story from an unnamed source - in VP Cheney's office.  Knight Ridder immediately published this tidbit - but it never made front page because of Cheney's claim of personal knowledge of the presence of WMD's in Iraq sell newspapers - REAL news doesn't sell very well!!!!    It is a matter of public record!!  Every reason made by the Executive branch of our government to invade Iraq was unequivocally stated as being false or 'unsupported'  BY OTHER   GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS - BEFORE the invasion - and confirmed by reputable news agencies around the world including Knight Ridder - and our own weapons inspectors in Iraq.   WMDs, active nuclear weapons program, affiliation with Al-Qa'ida - all false, all invented totally and completely within the Bush white house, feed to a gullible lapdog press, then quote the false news as fact to the ignorant public!  WOW!  Joeseph Goerbles would be overjoyed!

So are you confused about the list of hi-jackers?   Lets do a little cross referencing with other released documents from relevant agencies.    Under the freedom of information, the official list of ALL people were ID'd on Flight 77 and confirmed by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology which was released April 3, 2002.  There were 58 names released which complies with the flight manifest total - none of the five "Arab Islamic Extremists" were on that list.  Check it out for yourself - here is that list:
Paul Ambrose                                          Yeneneh Betru                                               Mary Jane Booth                                 Bernard Brown
Charles Burlingame                                   Suzanne Calley                                             William Caswell                                    David Charlebois
Sarah Clark                                              Asia Cottom                                                 James Debeuneure                               Rodney Dickens
Eddie Dillard                                            Chuck Droz                                                  Barbara Edwards                                 Charles Falkenberg
Zoe Falkenberg                                        James Ferguson                                            Darlene Flagg                                       Wilson Flagg
Richard Gabriel                                        Ian Gray                                                       Stanley Hall                                          Michelle Heidenberger
Bryan Jack                                              Steven Jacoby                                               Ann Judge                                            Chandler Keller
Norm Khan                                             Karen Kincaid                                                Dong Lee                                             Jennifer Lewis
Kenneth Lewis                                         Renee May                                                   Dora Menchance                                  Christopher Newton
Barbara Olson                                         Ruben Ornedo                                                Robert Ploger                                       Zandra Ploger
Lisa Raines                                              Lisa Raines                                                     Todd Reuben                                        John Sammartino
Diane Simmons                                         George Simmons                                           Mari-Rai Sopper                                  Robert Speisan
Norma Steuerle                                       Hilda Taylor                                                   Leonard Taylor                                    Sandra Teague
Leslie Whittington                                    Joan Yamnicky                                              Vicki Yancey                                        Shuyin Yang
Yuyang Zheng                                         Yvonne Kennedy

I'm having a little difficulty recognizing any of the above names as being Arabic, Iranian, or Middle Eastern in nature (and I spent seven years in the middle east and somewhat familiar with Arabic and Farsi).   So where did Khalid Al-Midhar and his four co-horts go?   Well for one thing, we know Khalid Al-Midhar and Saleem Al Hamzi WERE NOT on that plane - they were home with their friends and families in the Middle East!  And the official report from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology of who were on that plane apparently doesn't think the other three 'terrorists' were on the plane either.

And don't forget to visit this site for a list published of all the victims - includes the passengers on all four flights -
Unfortunately - CNN  (and BBC's link) has removed this information from their site AND their archives.  However, this information was mirrored and saved elsewhere for public use - see the following site for complete of passengers and crew of all four aircraft - please note that none of the FBI identified hijackers are on the manifests.   Very good site!  Please visit!

I've not given much attention to a very little knows aspect of all of this - GOLD - but it deserves at least a cursory view.   We have learned from the past that following the money usually brings results - from Al Capone to Richard Nixon and Tom Delay.    I've also not ventured here due to the small amount of verifiable   information.   We do know that major world banks stored gold in the vault area under the WTC.   We also have reports of a significant amount of gold that was found  loaded on a truck headed in a direction that appears ready to exit the WTC complex - confirmed by Mayor Guilliani.  Gold is rarely moved OUT of the complex, only moved between vaults.    What we can't find out is if this an authorized shipment and by whom?  The banks aren't talking!   Estimates vary widely - the most widely quoted is 160 Billion $  range was stored - of which it is reported that 230 million  (MILLION NOT BILLION) was recovered.  Somewhat of discrepancy wouldn't you say??   Gold is not easily "vaporized" though possible.  But clouds of gold "dust" would be everywhere on the island - and it isn't.

Larry Silverstein - insured the WTC when he signed the lease early in 2001, against terrorists attacks.  And tried to collect double because there were "two separate attacks".   The insurers balked and the courts reduced his pay off.   Otherwise he would have received an amount estimated at three to four times the worth of WTC1 and WTC2.   Small potatoes compared to some of the other losses.

Such as - many of the recovered computer parts - specifically hard drives - from WTC-7 were sent to an overseas facility to recover the data.  Remember some of the offices that were in WTC-7??   FBI, CIA, Guilliana's command center, and the ONLY storage data storage site of the investigative branch of the Security Exchanges Commission..   This data recovery agency reported that there were numerous uncharacteristic high volume short trading of Airlines stock shortly before 9/11 - and they were able to determine precisely who made those trades.   Also found were the "lost" records of other SEC high profile investigations of wrong doing.   Nothing was done to investigate or prosecute based on recovered data!   Speaking of prosecution - were you aware that to reveal the identity of a covert spy is a federal crime - treason - and is punishable by death?    Our government (the CIA) requested Ambassador Wilson and his connections to investigate the sale of yellow cake - or uranium - to Iraq.  Wilson came back from his trip to Africa and stated emphatically that there was absolutely no credibility to the rumor.  Shortly afterwards (July 14, 2003) Carl Rove mentioned to a news reporter (Robert Novak) that Wilson's wife was a CIA agent.  And it turns out that Vallerie Plame Wilson's job wasn't the low level administrative duty as some would have us believe, but that of a covert field agent - and tasked specifically in the area to identify terrorist elements that are adverse to the U.S.A.   Hmmm?     Neither Rove nor Novak have been brought into a legal inquiry and  questioned under rules of perjury about their transgression.  Could it be that the Wilson's had some integrity and weren't playing by the administrations rule book?   Integrity is hard to find in the beltway - and apparently punished when found!  No good deed goes unpunished!

Helen Thomas - a  40 year veteran of White House reporting - but if by nothing else than longevity of observation, she has gained insights to a number of American presidents.   And she doesn't always ask questions that presidents want to hear - but they are obliged to call upon her anyway - that is, until Ms.Thomas was overheard telling a colleague "Bush is the worst president I have covered, and probably the worst president ever." - after which she became a 'non-person' at the white house.     Hang a sign in the press room "Truth is not welcomed here." 


Just for comparison with Shanksville, this is Lockerby and the hole Panam 103 made.  Hmmm!