"The Only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from History"
Friedrich Hegel (sometimes incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain or GBS)

Many of us saw an aircraft crash into one of  the twin towers on September 11, 2001 - the first was not captured on live TV, but was filmed and not aired publicly until much later.  This catastrophic event played before our eyes on TV.  We later heard the talking heads marvel at how the collapses of BOTH towers were identical to that of a controlled demolition in that, against all odds, BOTH of the buildings collapsed straight down and in what has been measured to be free-fall time - unrestricted by possible resistance of each successive floor pan caking, steel bending then breaking, or other impediments that exist in a collapsing building.   We know that the buildings did NOT pancake - for many reasons not the least of which that the 47 structural core pillars would have been left standing in a floor by floor collapse scenario.   These massive columns came down as well - in pieces.  

By late afternoon - 1702 hrs EDT-   BBC- was live on air announcing the collapse of the Solomon Building or WTC-7 from a feed out of BBC's New York Office - which overlooked the World Trade Center.  This is truly an amazing feat of journalism!  BBC was broadcasting the collapse 18 minutes before the actual collapse occurred!   The  WTC-7 was building clearly in view behind the news commentator reporting the collapse!  This went on for several minutes before the video link between NY and London was "lost"!   Really???   BBC later claimed the link timed out, but never addressed how they knew about the collapse before it happened!  If BBC knew about it ahead of time, I could easily deduct that NYC Mayor Guiliani and emergence management staff knew as well because they never entered their newly constructed Hi-tech Emergency Management center in WTC-7.   There were other interesting tenants as well in that building - CIA's undercover station, Secret Service NYC headquarters, IRS, Department of Defense, and the master records depository for Securities and Exchange Commission!   

After the fall of WTC-7 no further mention was made on any U.S. major media broadcasts eluding to the similarity of any WTC building collapses and controlled demolition - until - that is - much later when Larry Silverstein, owner of the WTC, stated in an interview on the History Channel that WTC-7 had to be "pulled" and he had authorized it.   That is the word he used - not evacuation  of emergency personnel, not stop containment of the fires - "pulled".  

We watched in horror as film crews zoomed in on people standing and waving for help in the gaps made by the aircraft on WTC 1 & 2 - and later learned of fireman who had reached these floors and announced that the fire could be controlled with additional portable fire fighting equipment if quickly employed.  Yet we are then informed that these fires were of sufficient intensity to simultaneously  melt ALL 47 steel columns that formed the structural integrity of the buildings - requiring temperatures in the 3000 degrees F range.  This same intensely hot fires in the entire building, where the 47 columns existed, did not roast the people waving from the gap, or the firemen who were in staircases adjacent to these column, or their plastic radios over which they were transmitting.    We know from metallurgical experts that jet fuel cannot possibly reach the temperatures required to weaken - much less - melt the steel girders and reduce them to a tangled segmented mess.   We saw with our own eyes a crime being committed - unfortunately, we were not aware just how big of a crime WAS being committed - OR BY WHOM!   And we also saw most of the crime scene evidence - the evidence that perhaps could reveal scientifically explanations for the collapses - being hauled away under armed guard specifically restricting inspection by any and ALL of the authorized agencies to investigate this type of scene.   These agencies WERE on sight and tried to access to the evidence and were denied access - at gun point.   HOWEVER .... some molten steel was recovered from the site - BEFORE the cleanup crew started cutting - and forensics conducted by qualified labs show clearly the presence of a cordite substance.   Cordite - and its derivatives -  is used to cut through steel (melt) quickly and cleanly - which leaves a flow of  molten metal.   A jet-fuel fire CANNOT produce molten steel.   Filmed interviews include numerous people reporting blasts preceding the collapses of WTC-1&2 in the lower  levels of these two building!  These tapes are archived by several of  the major news media.  These interviews did not receive more than one airing.  Media archived footage also shows blast damage in the buildings lobby before collapse along with first hand accounts immediately afterwards from those that were present - a sublevel blast source is not conceivable to have occurred as a result of aircraft crashing into the upper floors.          

And while on the subject of cordite -  immediately after the pentagon crash media interviews with the  military personnel leaving the crash site reported the strong presence of cordite odor - their words, not the reporters!   Many of these individuals were trained in and around items that use cordite and are acutely aware of its distinctive smell, as opposed to burning jet fuel or office furniture. 

WTC-7 should not have required any space here or an investigation because its destruction was authorized by its owner Larry Silverstein - plain and simple - the police and firefighters were informed that the building would coming down (although there were only small localized fires in the building) - not necessarily that it was being demolished - and they evacuated building and kept others away.   Mr. Silverstein confirmed this in an interview for a History Channel program..  So why give space to this??   Apparently many people still don't realize and  understand that we watched the third time in recent history that a steel framed building collapse onto itself due to a fire??  It appeared to be a well controlled demolition and we were told it collapsed due to fire!   Why would they lie??  An attempt to cover something up??    Ironically, there were no obvious signs of the type of activity that day at WTC-7 required by demolition teams to set the explosive charges.  This gives rise to speculation as to how was this done!   Why and by whom should enter that equation.  If explosives were pre-planted in WTC-7, could explosives also have been pre-planted in WTC1 & 2 as well since their unique collapse suggests demolition?   Some have offered several possible opportune time frames to accomplish this.  This is extremely difficult to comprehend the implications!!!   But ignoring the laws of physics is incomprehensible as well.

Laws of physics - hmmm.   A Boeing flying at over 500 MPH at sea level.   Absolutely impossible, there is not sufficient thrust to overcome the drag at that density altitude.  FACT!!!  And speaking of thrust, wouldn't the engines be at max. power thereby producing over 140 DB noise level which no one seemed to notice?   Max. speed at sea level is approx. 380 MPH.   according to Boeing specs., exceeding that would result in severe structural failure.

Several sound recordings indicating the possibility of timed explosions, film footage indicating possible explosions, and eye witnesses relate multiple timed explosions in WTC-1 & 2 prior their respective collapses.  Seismic data also indicate probable timed explosions and correlate to the film footage.   Seismic data detects earth tremors  - an explosion on the core columns would most likely be detected - possibly what was detected by the seismic equipment, but would not sense the aircraft crashing into the buildings because the columns at their core would  not be affected  in the initial plane crashes.  Here you can apply the physics of mass in motion to determine if the plane(s) striking a column at that level would be sufficient to vibrate the column in the foundation X feet below.    These films were initially available in their original footage in the archives of the major media outlets - most media corporations no longer make these available on line.   We must consider the distinct probability that the collapse of these two buildings were NOT caused by a jet fuel fire. 

We also need to know how the Pennsylvania site and the Pentagon site have never yielded one single piece of material that is clearly attributable to the respective aircraft that is supposed to have crashed.   Absolutely no jet crash site since 1942 has not contained clearly identifiable parts!!  This obviously includes the V-2s which contained high explosives - yet engine parts were readily apparent in these explosive crash sites.    There are things that we have been told repeatedly by our government that are clearly not true!  So what is the truth??   Aren't there some questions that need to be asked and answered?  Shouldn't we investigate further as congresswoman McKinney attempted to do? 

The site near Shanksville, Pennsylvania reported as a "crash site" has never been confirmed by any legitimate investigative agency as an airplane crash site.  Wally Miller, the coroner, arrived within 2 hours after the reported "crash" and failed to find any traces of human remains - "not one drop of blood" as he is quoted saying.  NTSB failed to find a single piece of metal attributable to a Boeing 757-200 - not a single piece at that site!  This is the first time in US aviation history that NTSB has not been able to recover strategic segments from a commercial airliner crash site.   An empty Boeing 757-200 weights about 225,000 pounds according to Boeing's website and plane size is significantly larger than the 15 foot by 20 foot  by 10 feet deep hole that was reported as the Shanksville crash site.    The blast site does not contain any remnants of that 225,000 pound aircraft  nor any remnants of the two 6 ton engines that have large amounts of titanium which is not subject to obliteration by fire or a crash.  Authorities - and film crews - arrived at this site also within two hours and no raging fires were present or evidence of there having been a fire  - actually only small patches where fires may have been were present - not even scorched earth around the "blast" hole.   And what of the remaining fuel?   The flight thus far could not have burned more than half of its fuel?  No big fuel fire??  With the intensity to melt all the aircraft parts, people, baggage, etc???   So are we to believe that the falling airliner exceeded some speed barrier and entered the realm of matter converting to energy leaving no detectable traces of its prior form???.   It is the first time in modern aviation history that absolutely no signs of the crashed aircraft were recovered.   In fact, absolutely no scenario can explain the total obliteration of this aircraft, it passengers, and cargo - unless this isn't the location of the aircraft.   Why would I suggest this?  Because WCPO (Cleveland) -  recorded this specific aircraft as having landed safely at Cleveland's Hopkins field where the estimated 200 passengers were quickly whisked away to a NASA hanger.   Plus the fact that this specific aircraft - by its FAA registration number  - was still in service on active passenger service a year later, tend to support the fact that this aircraft did not crash in Pennsylvania.  And let's not forget those reported phone calls from cell phones made during the flight.     Tests were done by pilots later in 2001 using many different cell phones and had a 0.01% chance of operating at or above 20,000 feet.  And when was the last time you called your mom and said "hello, this is your son, 'bubblehead'..... " [just in case you forgot my name]  - uh heeelllooo?  Wow!  This is really hard to imagine... but????

What of the 'object' that hit the Pentagon?   And how did it execute a low level high speed  280 degree turn exceeding what Boeing engineers say cannot be done at this air density (altitude) and speed in that specific equipment.     This maneuver   was conducted by a "pilot" that is reported to have had poor to miserable piloting skills in a single engine Cessna!   And he hit the Pentagon at the ONLY section that was essentially empty due to recent construction?   And the wings and two 6 ton engines did not mar the surrounding outter surface of the building other than the hole made by a fuselage - not even breaking windows in the direct path of the engines and wings?    And again, absolutely no parts or remnants of an Boeing 757 aircraft were recovered for  FAA or NTSB inspection.  There was a trash collection process at the pentagon site - none of which were turned over to FAA or NTSB.  And absolutely no parts from a Boeing 757-200 were found.  The one "engine" part that WAS photographed/filmed did NOT belong to anything on a 757-200 - as a matter of conjecture it did closely resemble a Pratt and Whitney JT8 engine - which is significantly different and much smaller than the ROLLS ROYCE  engines used on that Boeing 757 - and totally different structure than an APU (power unit) used on 757s.  Should be noted that the Pratt and Whitney JT8 engine is used in DRONES as well as a smaller (out of active service) military aircraft.    How many times has NTSB failed to recover crashed a commerical passenger aircraft????  

Are we seeing something that doesn't add up???   Many facts are right there for anyone to see!!!!   Why are these facts being ignored by the government spokesmen???   Don't forget that plausibility theories must include and explain ALL known facts - and any theory that ignores or discounts known facts MUST BE DISCARDED!   

What I have NOT mentioned thus far is the No Plane Theory!   I'll let you do the research.   It does explain a number unansered  questions and fits the physics.

Perhaps a list of things we think we now know:     And please keep in mind Mark Twain's little ditty on knowledge - "What gets us in trouble is not what we don't know,  but what we think we know for sure that just ain't so!" 

jet fuel burning at its maximum temperature and efficiency -1500F (well fanned with air where little or no smoke is emitted) cannot melt or weaken a structural steel (2500F melting point) building  within that specific time frame.   Jet fuel will burn off relatively quickly leaving only office furniture and contents to burn - also incapable of reaching temperatures sufficient to weaken structural steel (as evidenced by numerous other skyscraper fires in the past that did NOT melt the core beams). 

the rate of fall of WTC 1, 2, and 7 VERY closely approximates that of an object in free fall - unimpeded by the resistance of each floor that would exist in a pan caking scenario or from bending and breaking of "fire weakened" steel.  Newton's law must be observed.

Lack of a single part associated with a Boeing 757-200 or its passengers at the pentagon, and absence of its footprint on the outer surface of the building are compelling evidence that it is likely not a commercial 757-200 passenger airliner that crashed into the pentagon as reported.  Remember each engine weights approx. 12,000 lbs. and there is a law of physics governing mass in motion.    The windows where the engines should have impacted are unscathed!  Hmm.

No commercial airliner appears to have crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa.    Absolutely no evidence of bodies, blood, aircraft parts, etc. were found.   Not even an incriminating passport totally unscathed.

the Aircraft reported to have crashed in Pennsylvania is recorded as having landed at Hopkins Field (Cleveland) and is reported being in active passenger flight service in 2003.   (the later potentially unreliable info - but included because of the FAA records which are normally quite accurate).

absence of an aircraft footprint at Pennsylvania crash site that is roughly 15 feet by 20 feet and 10 feet deep - not exactly the dimensions of a 757 - which is roughly 124 feet x 155 feet x 44 feet - this would make a BIG hole!  Just the fuselage is bigger than the hole represented as the crash site.  Even a single 6 ton mostly titanium engine would leave a larger hole. 

The list of "hijackers" was erroneous and contained many errors - perhaps completely false?  Many of the reported hi-jackers are very much alive and have been confirmed to have been in their home countries at the time of the flights and still there!    Being that the FBI list was hastily compiled, it could have easily contained errors - as the FBI director stated - however, the FBI still has not bothered to correct or update their "list" of "known hi-jackers" (as of Aug. 2008) and still report THIS is the list.  

The miraculously "found" passport in the debris belonging to one of the hi-jackers that somehow escaped a fire so intense that is claimed to have melted the building's structure happens to belong to a gentleman CURRENTLY living and working in the middle east.   Why would "someone" go out of their way to plant something so patently impossible to believe????  And surely the FBI would be able to detect a false passport, eh what??

The absolute complete DNA results from those dead at the Pentagon and WTC crash sites do not include any of the reported hi-jackers - not one!   (the list is included)

Mr. Larry Silverstine, the owner of WTC, profited significantly as a result of these "terrorist" attacks.  The policies were amended to include double payment for a terrorist attack.   Insurance reimbursement payments were larger than his lease amount (courts later reduced his reimbursement).

there are TONS of gold still missing or unaccounted for from the recovered stash of gold under the WTC.  And just how much have you heard of the huge amounts of gold that was stored under the WTC and has come up missing???

The gold wasn't 'boiled' away as an absolute surety - it requires temperatures exceeding 5000 degrees F.  

A significant tonnage of gold was found outside of the secure area in a truck ready for transport against all rules and regulations governing the movement of the gold and no one knows anything about this unauthorized movement. 

Numerous individuals have stated that they were provided with advance warning not to fly on September 11.   Several -  including San Francisco mayor Willie Brown - publicly stated  they were given advance warning not to fly on 9/11 from "sources" they trusted.   I do not give much credence to this claim from politicians trying to prop up their self importance.

Chartered aircraft were allowed to fly and escort Bin Laden family members out of the U.S. AFTER grounding ALL civilian flights.    NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC archives.  Even Ex-presidents couldn't fly, but the Bin Laden family could???

Cheney, Rumsfield, and other governmental officials continued to feed the public information that had been  proven false by governmental agencies and each were notified of the falsehood - prior to their making the false statements.  (reported in Woodward's book, and in George Tenet's book).  The frequency and extent of known lies from Cheney and Rumsfield make it difficult to trust or believe ANYTHING they say - find a different and hopefully more reliable source than these two for seeking truth!    

Absolutely no link between Sadaam Hussien and September 11 attacks have been established - in fact, quite the opposite was determined - yet the lie continued.  Repeated frequently and loudly by the likes of Cheney and Rumsfield, in accordance with the rules of propaganda established by Joeseph Georbles.

NTSB, FEMA, FAA, and local law enforcement were, for the first time in U.S. aviation history, barred from collecting debris and from conducting an investigation of the September 11, 2001 crash site, that they are required by law to initiate and pursue.  It is still not clear exactly WHICH government agency took control and issued clearance badges.  But NTSB, FEMA, FAA were not!

Aircraft engine parts that WERE seen at the Pentagon crash were NOT from any engine that has ever been used on the Boeing  reported to have crashed there.  Based on design it was most likely a Pratt & Whtney (their design is distintive);  and size closely resembles a JT8 engine - which is less than half the size of Rolls engine (installed equipment on the Boeing reported to be in the crash) and does not have the same appearance as a Rolls Royce engine.   What crashed into the Pentagon that contained the recovered engine was NOT from a Boeing 757.   Look at the engine closely - go to Rolls Royce site, GE site, and Pratt and Whitney site and compare their engine outer designs.  Do your own research of what uses a engine that closely resembles what I think is a JT8!  The results are interesting (Jane's is the best source - found in all libraries).

And what about those hard-drives recovered from the WTC-7 site?    Many disks were  recovered and  the incryption key was broken. leading to a high percentage of data recovery.  When the company completed the task they turned the data over to their customer.   The FBI ordered that the data be and the disks be destroyed.

So... do you have questions??  I certainly do.  

There are a number of site references on the FILMS page as well as within the films.  Use these as a starting point for your research.   Legitimate news agenciesn like BBC, CNN, CBC are a good place to start for sources of  material - use them.

These questions only deal with the events surrounding the events of 9/11.   The included films should provide you with adequate factual information that you will have an equal number of questions concerning the war in Iraq, and even more questions on clearly documented voting fraud!   


Are all news media reports accurate, factual, and complete?  Please keep in mind The Gulf of Tonken incident, WMDs, Sadaam Hussien - Al Queada connection, The 9/11 report, The Warren Commission's report on JFK assassination, and the list goes on.

Are military leaders required to follow illegal orders?  Keep in mind the Nuremburg trials that established new rules in the U.S. Military Code of Justice.

Are your political and religious leaders infallible?  Must you believe what they say, regardless of how outrageous it is to your common sense and that defies laws of nature? 

Is  a lie told often and loudly by a  few destined to become the accepted account of reality?

Why would crime scene evidence be intentionally destroyed - in direct contradiction to state and federal laws?  Specifically, why was NTSB not involved in the "aircraft" crashes and black box recovery?   And  why was the steel of WTC removed and immediately shipped to China UNDER ARMED GUARD not allowing ANY inspections by the authorities that had absolute legal jurisdiction?  Some pieces DID escape prior to being placed under armed guard! Oh my!  Fortunately, chain of custody can be validated.

How can a news station (BBC) know of  and report  the collapse of WTC-7  18 minutes before it happens?  Their later explanation of this erroneous report just doesn't hold up!

Why aren't the leading structural engineers and scientists believed when they state emphatically that no modern steel structure can collapse due to fire from the relatively low temperature and limited source such as jet fuel?  Jet fuel and office contents burn at temperatures significantly lower than that which is required to weaken structural steel.

Why were there absolutely no commercial aircraft wreckage components seen at the Pentagon nor at the "crash" site near Shankesville,   Pennsylvania?  Absolutely no aircraft of any size has disintegrated completely without a trace upon a crash in commercial aviation history.  Don't forget those two engines that are made primarily of Titanium with a melting point of about 5000 degrees F.    We frankly don't know about any aircraft parts that came out of WTC1 & 2!   

How could a 225,000 pound Boeing aircraft disintegrate completely in a 10 foot deep hole?   (Pennsylvania "crash" site.)  No signs of wings, titanium engine parts, nothing????   No bodies, no blood, no DNA, no scattered remnants of baggage - nothing!  Not even a unscorched hi-jackers passport.  And after about 2 hours, no signs of a fire that supposedly consumed it all.  A photo of the crash shortly afterwards does NOT reveal a fire, but smoke akin to an explosion is evident.   If it were 'flown' into the ground it probably exceeded structural speed limitations at low altitude - most likely around 600 mph (no firm data from Boeing to support this) - then the 6,000 pound engine would have made a much deeper hole in the earth - Newton's laws - mass, momentum, force. 

Why isn't the hole in Pennsylvania have roughly the form and size of a   Boeing aircraft?  At least as wide as engine to engine? Or deep enough for 225,000 pounds plus momentum force?

How does jet fuel reach a temperature to melt structural steel when its maximum efficient burn temperature is  more than a  1000 degrees  below that which is required to BEGIN to affect certified structural steel's integrity?    It 'may' be on film somewhere - but I've yet to find it - is traces of the aircraft engines in the WTC wreckage.  You can try and stretch the temperature of burning jet fuel to melt steel - but titanium requires roughly 4000 degrees F MORE than jet fuel can produce.  Where are the signs of the engine parts -  I think the titanium would be present in abundance!

How do the precisely timed seismic recordings of explosions correspond to the collapse of WTC1,2, and 7 when these structures supposedly fell due to fire?   These recordings were present at more than one seismic recording station..  Collapsing buildings do NOT  - and have NEVER registered as an earthquake (on seismic recorders) - explosions attached to the girders buried in the ground DO shake the ground and therefore ARE recorded in earthquake/seismic measuring equipment!

Why were the seismic recordings relating to the Pennsylvania site more indicative of an explosion rather than a crash?

How did the passport of one of the terrorist cited in the WTC crash escape unscathed from the burning wreckage - and found so quickly - AND that person is very much alive and well???

How is it that several  of the "identified terrorists" have been proven to be elsewhere and still very much alive?

A commercial aircraft has a rather unique outline, why wasn't it's imprint seen on the face of the pentagon??  Where did the wings, tail, and the two 6 ton engines go?  Certainly two 6 ton engines traveling at the stated speed of   between 350 to 530  MPH (depends upon the source stating the speed) would have made some marks on the structure?  Incidentally, I would suggest you seek out the nominal two speeds of a cruise missile - and that of the Global Hawk drone -don't be intimidated, look it up in Janes.

Can a Boeing commercial airliner make the cited maneuvers at these speeds and low altitudes reported at the Pentagon?   Not according to Boeing. 

Can a Boeing commercial airliner make the climb maneuver cited by air traffic control?  Not without a power on stall according to Boeing  

Can a Boeing commercial airliner exceed 500 mph at under 1000 feet AGL?    Highly unlikely according to Boeing - to do this it would be in an uncontrollable dive and past structural failure load factors.   So what hit the Pentagon at 530 MPH in straight and level flight at 10 feet AGL?   A Boeing airliner is highly unlikely!.

Photos of the pentagon crash site were taken within minutes of the crash - yet no aircraft debris is evident either outside the building or within the gap made - where did the wings, vertical stabilizer, engines, fuselage, luggage, bones, blood,. guts, gore, etc go??  And how did the body of plane hit so low in the building and the engines being BELOW the fuselage did not scrap the ground or mar the landscaping???  Where is the wing debris from striking lamp posts??

Why were the scores of witnesses - including fireman and police - that reported explosions in the sublevel areas of WTC not called to testify in the official inquiry - could it be that eye-witness accounts are no longer admissible evidence?  The identity of these individuals WERE known to the commission, and their interviews televised  and they stated clearly they heard and saw signs of explosions  PRIOR to the building collapse..

Where are the twin wind tunnel plumes that follow a jet airliner hitting the smoke rising from WTC? 

Shall I move on to more questionable events in our recent past that still go unanswered?  Sure - why not, for I have questions!  And no answers!

How could a voting machine register negative votes and not be immediately impounded and investigated?  As well as the supplier?

Why isn't voting machine software certified?

How can official voting records that were reported to have been unlawfully discarded and not be  investigated by authorities?

How can any person in their right mind trust their private vote to be recorded by someone behind a curtain and not know how your choice was recorded?   (Tell me the difference between this and electronic voting machines.)

Since when did the constitution give the right to the supreme court to determine election results?  Where???

Why were there never charges brought against the polling centers for illegally disposing of voting records/tapes?  (an illegal action.)

With the exception of people not owning up to voting for George Wallace, exit polls have been quite accurate for a few decades  - how were they were off so badly and in the opposite direction - but only in key locations?? 

Do you honestly think that vote fraud doesn't occur in the U.S.?   And if so, is it possible to conduct it on a massive scale?  And whether local or massive - is it still wrong and worthy of investigation and correction??

Why weren't Dick Cheney and Carl Rove prosecuted for treason  for revealing the identity of an active covert spy (Valerie Plame Wilson)?  During time of war the penalty is somewhat severe as I remember..

Is there anyone out there that truly believes that a lawyer as smart as Gonzales can't remember shit?  I'm old have an excuse for having CRS!   But "I can't recall" Gonzales????   Gimme a break!!!

Does anyone REALLY believe that only Oswald fired the shots that killed JFK??  Surely physics alone should answer this.  And have you ever considered that Oswald may have been a convenient patsy?   TV footage appears to show someone closely resembling and dressed like Oswald in the doorway of the building (exactly where he said he was) at the time of the shooting.

Why has the general public not cared when they know they have been lied to by their government???

And finally why aren't you mad as hell?

PLEASE report any broken links you discover!  

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