"What gets us in trouble is not what we don't know, but what we know for sure that just ain't so!"
Mark Twain


Welcome!  This is old hat now and we seem to be more interested in current politics.   But here are a few things in the past that still need to be investigated and resolved.    The majority of this site is dedicated to the events on September 11, 2001!   This was an intentional act, thus
a.  A crime was committed and the evidence should be (should have been) analyzed in order to discover and prosecute the guilty.
b.  the appropriate designated authorities should have been allowed to investigate.   
c.  murder was committed, thus no statute of limitations!   This can STILL be pursued!


I also realize that these concerns are really NOT IMPORTANT!!!!    Global Warming/Climate Change - call it what you wish - has the distinct probability of ending life as we know it on earth!!!   My concerns expressed in this website are nothing in comparison!!!!   Unfortunately,  we are surrounded by total and complete idiots - I'm waiting for a TV series presented by Chuck Lorre called "IDIOTS IN CHARGE".  All taken from C-span!!!     They'll not admit we are literally kiling future generations by ignoring climate change.   They equally will not admit we attacked a non-belligerant nation, or covered up the JFK assasination, nor admit 9/11 has a different "story" that has been presented by the US government. .  


I'm also concerned about how we were duped into attacking a non-belligerent nation and leave them in total chaos (Iraq).  I repeat;  there isn't a statute of limitation when dealing with murder - therefore, It isn't too late to legally hold  those responsible for their crimes.   Iraq- and her people - are far worse off today than they were under Sadaam Hussein.

And finally electronic voting - existing electronic equipment absolutely cannot be trusted to COUNT your vote as you selected.  It is akin to telling a person behind a curtain how to mark your ballot and trusting it will be done as directed.    Yes, there is well documented proof the machines can be EASILY "hacked".   Hacking Democracy should be shown prior to every election.   The award winning film was attacked by Diebold who partitioned HBO not to air the documentary - fortunately, HBO kept it in their airing schedule - but has not re-aired the film since the initial airing schedule.  A huge mistake in my opinion!

I can only hope it isn't all sweep under the rug and forgotten as were the questionable deaths of John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hoffa, and General Patton (just to name a few)  - I doubt if anyone today believes a lone gunman shot President Kennedy, or Patton got his neck broken in a minor fender bender, and MM???    Will our children look back and wonder how we could be so stupid and apathetic to not address the obvious?    Or will the crime committed on "9/11"  too be forgotten?? 

I'm a late comer to the 9/11 skeptic scene!  I began to listen closely to those who were sounding alarm bells that something was amiss with the "official" explanations of what happened to the WTC when I heard Mr. Silverstein say in a History Channel interview that he agreed to have WTC-7 "pulled".    And then I read the NIST reports!    Somebody doesn't have a clue about physics!!!!    And they have adopted a Nazi position that something said loud enough and long enough, people will believe it!!!   Secondly, it seems that every few months something new is printed about 9/11.  Please note I did not say "discovered" or "revealed" or any other term that would imply "truth".    One of the more recent theories is basically the "no plane" theory.   And who and where are the passengers.   Suffice it to say, it is a possibility - one I have not adequately explored.   I'm more interested putting forth information -  facts -  that disprove the official explanations.   There are many scenarios that better fit the facts and does not conflict with the laws of science/physics than the explanation NIST provided! 

Lets start with September 11, 2001 and the World Trade Center "incident"   There seems to be two primary explanations of the collapse of two of the three WTC building collapses -WTC-1 and WTC-2:.   

    1)  destroyed by fire 
    2)  brought down by explosives.
   Both are scary!  
These buildings  would be the first steel framed buildings -ever - to totally collapse due to fire!     Steel framed structures have been around since 1885 (a 10 story structure).   The Empire State Building was hit in 1945f at the 79th. floor by a B-29  fueled with 95/100 Octane Avgas (much higher burn temperature than Jet Fuel).  Significant damage was done, but the building did not collapse - nor was ever in danger of collapsing!!  
But if the World Trade 1 and 2  did collapse due to fire, 
        -   then there must be design flaws that should be investigated? 
        -   Or possibly inferior materials were used - also requiring an investigation?   
        -   OR Improper shortcuts by the builder(s) not complying with the design specifications
        Any one of these would warrant further investigation if for no other reason than  to insure it would be not be repeated even if nothing illegal occurred and by some freak of nature these buildings collapsed in their own footprint like controlled demolition..  

But how did the NIST commission explain the total collapse  WTC 7?   They blatantly lied.   They claimed the 4 to 6 isolated office fires (started by unknown  means)  weakened enough steel girders simultaneously to cause the collapse - but even their simulated computer model could not replicate a fall into its own footprint!!!        It was not hit by an aircraft or sprayed with burning jet fuel.  WTC-7 suffered only  minor damage from WTC1 and 2 debris (no burning debris) .   There were four (some say 6)  minor fires in WTC-7 (as reported by firefighters) in random locations.   And being that the building was not struck with burning debris from buildings 1 and 2, just how did these fires break out???   These fires essentially were highly unlikely to have been ignited by the debris from buildings 1 and 2 - impossible because the locations of the fires were unrelated to the locations of the failing debris from buildings 1 and 2,  So NIST states all the columns failed simultaneously causing this building to collapse at essentially free fall speed.   This is the smoking gun that should compel one to seek  evidence of how these buildings were brought down - and perhaps just as important - why?.   And we need to remember that BBC was on air in NYC reporting the collapse of WTC 7 18 minutes  (youtube) (archived)     before it happened - and the building was in the camera's  background when the reporter made the broadcast live!.   It should be noted also that WTC-7  was the primary data center for the SEC investigative unit - thus the reason given for the limited number of prosecutions for pre 9/11 stock exchange shenanigans and several other high profile pre-9/11 SEC cases.   Puuleeease!!  Watch the films I have included!   You do not need advanced degrees to understand basic laws of physics; nor  should  you  be employing specific political ideology to mis-label myths as truth, but you DO need to apply common sense!     I recognize that the U.S. government has given us other answers - perhaps the pre-cursor to what has become  "alternative facts", but they  are unable to explain away many  known facts that do not match their hypothesis.   Recent theories have emerged that should be explored - I haven't done so here.  You'll find this link later as well https://goldenageofgaia.com/2010/08/08/phil-jayhan-the-4-flights-of-911-what-happened-to-the-passengers/


We were told by Dick Cheney of the existence of WMDs in Iraq and collaboration between Sadaam Hussein and Al-Qaeda.   The primary intelligence agencies in the US Government knew both of these assertions to be absolutely  false and so advised the politicians in charge - including Cheney.   Anyone with only basic  knowledge of Middle East politics would know an Al-Qaeda link with Sadaam Hussein to be absolutely absurd - Hussein kept strict control of his population, borders. and the Mosques - with an iron fist.   Al Qaeda does not believe in "governments"  only Shiria law and Rule by an Imam - co-operating with Sadaam Hussein is a fantasy of the Washington propaganda machine.   Yet our government cited  WMDs and Al Qaeda  as the reasons  to illegally attack a sovereign nation and subsequently leave that nation in chaos. And we all know the "yellow cake" story was another  figment of  Cheney's imagination!    Leak something to the press that would normally be classified then cite the New York Times as the source of your information!   WOW!    Are we gullible or are we gullible?!    


Another first - our 2000 election was taken away from voters and decided by the supreme court who has questionable   jurisdiction to hear such a case.   And ....  several groups - including some politicians and voting  precinct officers  - found that electronic voting machines could be quickly and easily tampered with to yield predetermined results regardless of how the voters cast their vote and not be revealed by any existing test procedures.   Yet nothing has been done - except one county in California - to correct this glaring flaw to our constitutional right!!  Check out Hacking Democracy.


These three subjects should be a major concern to everyone!    Cheney committing treason by  "outing" an active covert spy;  Madoff's little money making scheme;  AIG, Bear Sterns, and Home Financial  bilking the world out of over half of its real estate assets, are of minor importance when compared to what is happening to our republic!

So who is telling the truth - or perhaps - have we heard the truth yet??   Have there been serious attempts to intentionally provide  mis-information???   And how do we decipher fact from fiction?   Start with applying  the known facts (which are few) and the laws of physics.   Thus,  any possible scenario presented that doesn't fit the facts and comply with laws of physics must  be discarded. And please don't use what you heard on FOX news as fact!  

I've included some  films that can be downloaded from this media to your PC (also linked to  YouTube)  (sorry the youtube links have been removed because these clips most have been removed or blocked on youtube)  that presents startling information - lots of data.   Watch the videos with an open mind - and be both cynical and critical!.  Try to visualize a scenario that include all the known facts and complies with science -  without the use of a "magic bullet".   The general consensus on the 9/11 Commission report and the Warren Report is what we farm boys can quickly identify just from the plop-plop sound it makes in the barn yard. . 

I believe all of us can at least agree on one thing - there was an extremely well coordinated attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.  Was it against US citizens;  symbols of the "west";   or  more specifically its financial institutions, and key segments of its law enforcement infrastructure, or  something else entirely - what some refer to as a false flag op????.   The basics of any investigation should include Who, What, When , Why, and How.   We know the 'where' and 'when'; but the "who, how, and why" are not quite as clear as we have been led to believe!     There are hours of film to view.   All film included are in the public domain.    Please take the time to review, share with friends, discuss  - and be skeptical!  Research!   Think!  ASK QUESTIONS!   I initially had most links to YOUTUBE - but they are reapidly being blocked or removed..  So when you "click" on a film, it will "download" to your PC rather than provide online viewing.   Many referenced sites are constantly changing and some have been erased - including pages from CNN and BBC!  I apologize if a link is no longer valid.   A prime example of erased referenced sites are the passenger lists and the army pathology reports. But I copied these bedore the sites went dark!


QUESTIONS started being asked by many individuals and groups on - and very soon after - September 11, 2001.  Many of those questions were not being adequately or honestly answered.  Oddly enough, the initial questions were based on what appeared to be erroneous information that was being provided by some government agencies who were 'supposed' to know - like the magic passport (shades of the "magic bullet")!   Most of the mainstream media were parroting the government's official "Arab/Islamic Terrorists line",  and NOT asking the five questions all serious investigators are taught.   One must remember that in today's mass media news world, that what is reported need not be true, only that it was said or published elsewhere and does not require fact checking.   A few individuals and groups immediately questioned the official line because the government's theory did not plausibly agree with some of the physical evidence and many eyewitness reports.    Fortunately for us, researchers  have sifted through the abundance of  transcripts, film,  and data - long before I became convinced that my government lied to me - once again!!!   I hope that  you may also have a few questions that should be asked.  

HI-JACKERS     And who were the Hi-jackers  - really - WHO WERE THEY?   Eight of the FBI listed 19 people are alive, well, and working in productive jobs.   This was widely reported in many parts of the world  - EXCEPT it failed to make the "news" on U.S. media - you might also ask "why was this not investigated?"    BBC, CBC and Knight Ridder DID in fact investigate!  CBC and BBC took the initiative to find - and film - the eight individuals whom the  FBI   had identified as "hi-jackers" -   including the owner of the mysterious unscorched dust free passport.  But the FBI still has not changed their minds on who carried this out.  And you might find a few other things here that make you wonder if you have wandered off with Alice and are tuned into the Madhatter's frequency? 

VIDEOS     The three topics in which I believe  the American public has been misled with false,  incomplete, or totally erroneous information are:   Voting, the Iraqi war, and the events of September 11, 2001, with emphasis on the last.  We know "some" elections have been rigged and the system is easily subject to corruption.   Bev Harris proves conclusively that the voting system in many locals is corrupt  in Hacking Democracy.   This was shown for a brief time on HBO - it should be shown on a regular basis - especially at election times -  until a tamper proof method of voter registration, casting,  confirming, and tallying ALL votes can be instituted.   We also know President Bush ignored international law by ordering an unprovoked attack on a sovereign non-belligerent nation    Bill Moyer's presentation should be mandatory watching before every election!    Digest the information.  Write down points you think you need to research - then do it!    And THINK!  Action IS required  to insure the continuation of our Republic and your constitutional freedoms.  

Train your senses to detect "bullshit from shinola".  This may be a difficult first time  task for some who are accustomed  to Fox (Entertainment Channel) News.  If you live in a small town - you have far more power than you think!!!!   When you write to your representatives, copy your local newspaper!!!   Small town newspapers are far more willing to carry these type of stories!  Hopefully you know what to do in future elections based on your representatives responses!  If the truth is to become public knowledge, our elected officials must be willing to seek the truth, insist on investigations, indictments where indicated, prosecutions, and sentencing of the guilty - without exemption due to "public office".   I admit that this approach sounds radical in today's atmosphere and can be politically dangerous for elected officials, but essential!   Cynthia McKinney sought answers - and it cost her politically and personally - fortunately her constituency found that Ms. McKinney was on target and put her back into office!  Ms. McKinney is on my HERO list!  Woman of the Century!!

Most of the US press have been reluctant or absent in serious reporting on the issues that are raised in these videos.  Was the press duped into complacency,  or tacitly compliant?    Dan Rather stated in a interview that he thinks it was a combination of both (relative to the Iraqi war).  It may be possible that the press may once again wish to try and recapture the 'honest broker' status traditionally held by the so-called news media.  Pay close attention to Dan Rather's and Bill Moyers' comments on what is presented as news in today's media world.  I must point out that there WAS an  exception among the US press - The Knight-Ridder group WERE asking the questions - and being ignored; and WERE reporting that erroneous info was being supplied by government spokespeople to the public; and they DID do the research - but their articles were rarely covered by the other US "news" outlets.

As you watch and listen to the various views that are presented here - and elsewhere - one must apply one simple criteria - something called Ockham's razor.  Simply stated - when multiple explanations are offered, you must discard those that do not adhere to known laws of nature and physics, and  assume nothing..   One should remember that a lie repeated often and loudly does not create the truth regardless of the success that Joseph Goerbles and adherents have had with this policy. 

Thank you for taking time to think.  I hope this presentation may stimulate the years of apathetic and dormant brain activity, and will create debate, action, and a return to the democratic process on which our nation was founded.

I have included the  U.S. Constitution and amendments should you think you KNOW what it says.

I apologize that the name of the site has nothing to do with the content!   I attempted to publish this site several times under names that were more in line with the content and three different ISPs erased the site and returned my registration  fee.   This site had been a place to share my  photos from years of travel around the world and it has worked out for me thus far..  

 For the heck of it - here are few  PHOTOS. that were part of the original site.

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