School year 2017

The gift package amount was determined by Post 727 membership vote.   Gift selection was done by Chairman.

-  Each participating student got a Lapel Pin.  These were purchased from the VFWSTORE.
      (VOD Pin)   (PP Pin)
-  The top three contestants got a Certificate in a Certificate holder.  These were on hand from prior year.
-  The winner in each program  got 6,500NT$  in a red envelope with their name printed on the envelope.
-  The winner in each program got a backpack purchased from the VFWSTORE.
    (PP Backpack)    (VOD Backpack)
-  Second place contestants got 3,00NT$ - red envelope with their name.
-  Third place contestants go 2,000NT$ - red envelope with their name
-  Top three got a VFW notepad.

So what did it cost??   Approx. $900

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Link to winners

example of Certificate:


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