Gift package for the year 2018 was determined by membership vote.

-  Certificate and Holder for top three
-  Cash award in red envelope with their name for top three
-  Award Plaque for school with top two winners names - room for additional years
-  Winner will receive a Hand Crafted Daily Planner Leather cover.
-  Second and third place will receive and hand crafted  leather pen/pencil case

Cash award for each program totals 23,000NT$    (~767 USD)
Certificates and holders total  $12.60  and paid from past year by post 727..
Allocated funds for plaques is $350.
Allocated funds for leather goods is $400.

A private contribution funded a non-official Teachers Award-
          VFW Portfolio/Organizer   (2)   - total  $77.60
          T/A Certificate and holder  (2)  - total  $11.90   (items on hand)

A private contribution also funded VFW ball points to all participants.
           VOD pens                          - total   $ 9.50
            PP  pens                           - total   $ 9.50
                              Total value of gifts    =     $108.50

Posts  costs for the PP was submitted as $591.66
and did not include the private donation amounts.

Posts costs for the VOD was submitted as $758.33
and did not include the private donation amounts

                              Total of post funds    =     $1349.99
An additional contribution of $108.50 for a total of $1458.49  was the cost to run all three programs and as submitted to Department.  

Please note that the transactions - and therefore the costs -  for the leather goods and school plaques has not yet been determined.   A total of $750 was allocated and this figure was used in the submission o Department.

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Entries for 2018 are in!  Winners are listed here.  I'll update again when District and National announce their winners.

Left over pens will be held for next year - or possibly used by the Post.

Unfortunately, we did not have as many entries as normal - and in the Patriots Pen contest, we only had two  entries.    This year we had  a unique opportunity to achieve All American Status.   Contributions to National  for other qualifying programs were made.   All requirements were met.       


Great for the kids, but not so good for budgeting - Orville and Bill often spent their own money to fill out the gift package.  This consisted of T-shirts, baseball caps, rulers, etc. things purchased inexpensively in the PI.  This year (2018) wasn't much different - I spent and additional $108.50 for gifts.


Please refer to the 2018 VOD/PP/TA Department Report for posts that contributed to National rather than sponsor these programs to qualify for All American status.    It may be possible to get some small contribution from these posts for next year.   Previously, posts wanting to qualify for All American status could contribute to a post sponsoring these programs to obtain credit.   Rules have changed in that posts seeking All American status credit must either directly sponsor the programs or contribute to National.   This makes it more expensive for these posts to also contribute to us, but still worth a try!    There were a number of posts in the report that contributed to National - we need to talk to them and encourage them to help a post in Pacific area!   Some change in yhe program may be forthcoming!  But will not affect 2019 program.


Possible gift selections were accumulated and a list compiled for future reference.
Review and select according to budget.


Four Color Pen from Bic.   Personalized.   Minimum order quanity 75 - this would last for several years and at approx. $1.50 each - a deal!


ITEM COST/ea 1ST 2ND 3RD ALL Total Qty Total Cost
Certificate $0.85 x x x   6

$5.10  from VFW

Holder $1.25 x x x   6

$7.50   from Amazon

Cash NT$ 6,500 3,000 2,000     23,000 NT$
Envelope           6


Note book $5.50^ x x x   6 $33*     from VFW
Portfolio $38.80* x       2 $79.9*   from VFW
Lapel pin $4.50       x 20

$90        from VFW

USB stick 4 gig $9.38       x 25 $224.50
Fridge Magnet         x    
Mech Pencil $16.61* x x x   6 $99.70*
School Plaque $58.00* x       2 $116*      VFW-but local is better
Student Plaque $54.00* x       2 $88*     VFW-but local is better
Medal set $16.50         2

$37.00     VFW

Book Marks-clip est $1.23       x 250 $367.50*
4 color pens   x x x      
Name card holder $2.71* x x x   100 $279*
General office supplies and mailing to Dept     350NT$
Shipping and setup charges added to total are marked with an Asterik if known

If you didn't notice, one of the requirements is to submit entries on CD or Flash Drive - thus among my suggested gifts is a USB flash drive.  My thought is to provide the Teachers with several drives to give to the contestants if this is selected.  The students start off with an incentive.   See FLASH BAY quote below.




                    Example of suggested Fridge Magnet


Label with US flag or lower 48 states with VFW POST 9957 - but I can't find these cheap!  Need to look more.

From VFW Store



Look at 4Imprint quote for pens which is cheaper than VFW and labeled the way we want.



This is a trifold leather wallet with VFW logo - $14.95






This works out to approx. $4.71 a pen.


Locally made plaques should be better