Morrison Academy Taichung
#216 Si Ping Rd.
Taichung, Xitun District


High School  2292-1171 ext 500
Principle:  Douglas Bradburn  

Teacher:   Darren Lu     email:   lud1@mca.org.tw


Jr. High      - 2292-1171 ext 300
Principle:    Scott Finch   

Teacher:  Randy Schmidt   email:    schmidtr@mca.org.tw


Karen Neff, Randy Schmidt, and Joanna McCoskey have won Teachers award in the past.   No entries for Teachers Award were received for the year 2018 - however, a Certificate and VFW Portfolio were awarded to the two Teachers for administering the 2018-19 programs:
    Randy Schmidt and Darren Lu.   

I purchased the  VFW Portfolio/Organizer and  Teacher Appreciation  certificates (VFW store).

All students that participated in VOD or PP were given VOD/PP ball point pens (from VFW Store) and were also purchased by me.