Morrison Academy Taichung
#216 Si Ping Rd.
Taichung, Xitun District


High School  2292-1171 ext 500
Principle:  Doug Bradburn  (need to confirm)

Teacher:   Darren Lu     email:   lud1@mca.org.tw


Junior High - 2292-1171 ext 300
Principle:  Sippy Myburgh  (need to confirm)

Teacher:  Randy Schmidt   email:    schmidtr@mca.org.tw

I do  not have the principle's name of the elementary school.


Karen Neff, Randy Schmidt, and Joanna McCoskey have won Teachers award in the past.   No entries for Teachers Award were received for the year 2018 - however, a Certificate and VFW Portfolio will be given for 2018-9 to the Teachers for administering the programs:
    Randy Schmidt and Darren Lu.   

 Private contributions funded the  VFW Portfolio/Organizer and  Teacher Appreciation  certificates.

Private contribution also funded VOD/PP ball point pens for all participants.