Past winners:


              VOD                                      pp                    TA
1ST     Joseph Liu                   Matthias Schmidt    Randy Schmidt
2ND    Stephen Tong                  Brian Tseng         Middle School
3RD     Isaac Bettinger              Julia Fan

Matthias won Department and placed 41st in Nationals!


          VOD                                                  PP                                TA
    1ST  Jacob M. Van Singel                Alley Jane Wu                  Karen Neff      
    2nd  David Schmidt                          Gavin J. Sheppard            Elementary school
                                                              Claire Jen Su

Jacob won Department first place, and  placed 29th in Nationals!!!

2014    No record kept 


2015    No record kept


VOD  Morgan Finch,  Yoyo Lo,   Brian Tseng
PP  Matthew Lee, Eric Chang, Lindsey Eckstein



                VOD  (6 entries)                        PP (8 entries)
1st  Matthew Lee (His entry)  (text)      Mitchell Lee    (text not kept)
2nd Joe Cagwin                                    Micah Schmidt
3rd  Abby Jobert                                   Marcus Lin

And now we have the Post/District winners for this year 2018:

VOD:     6 entries
Joshua Chiang - 11th grade - his typed entry - voice file
Matthew Lee - 10th grade
Sharon Lin - 10th Grade

PP:   (only two entries)
Kierrah Keyes - her entry is in two parts - page 1, page 2
Annabelle Chen, Grade 6 - her entry

No official entry was received by post 9957 for a Teacher's Award this year (2018-19).  However, the Post will be presenting the two teachers administering the programs at Morrison Academy an Appreciation Certificate (in a holder of course) and a  VFW  Organizer/Portfolio and a ball point pen with the logo of the program they respectively administered.

Over the past twenty-some years, Post 727/9957 entrants at Department level have won seven times the VOD and four times the Patriotís Pen contests. The Postís last winner Department level that won first place in the Patriotís Pen contest was Jacob Van Singel from Taichung who placed twenty-ninth at National.

Department winners for 2019:

For the year 2018-19 the  DPA Voice of Democracy, Patriotís Pen and Teachers Award entries were as follows:
        -  Patriotís Pen; entries submitted from 12 Posts and 6 Districts. Total student entries were 155.
       -  Voice of Democracy; entries submitted from 10 Posts and 7 Districts. Total student entries were 47.
       -  Teachers Award; entries submitted from 5 Posts and 3 Districts. Total teacher entries were 5.

Voice of Democracy, Patriotís Pen and Teachers Award winners are:
      -  Patriotís Pen is Javon M. Major from District 1, Post 9723.
      -  Voice of Democracy is Amaya R. Peruccio from District 2, Post 9612.- Amaya was Home Schooled!

Teachers Award:
      -   K-5th grade is Sandra Anderson from District 2, Post 9612.
      -   6th-8th grade is Andrea Petz, from District 3, Post 12147.
      -   9th-12th grade is Gregory J. Cyr from District 3, Post 10223.

Department did not announce/list placement of the remaining  entries.

National VOD winners for 2019

National PP winners for 2019

And here is the sample of docs that are sent to District and must be maintained for each entry - Kierrah Keyes:
(obviously, the sound clip and typed version for the VOD is kept as well.)

-  Entry submission - page 1 page 2
Entry form
Summary Report to District

You must archive the entries for a year!
If you have the DISK,  then look in the VFW folder for 2018 stored data.  Copy to your H-D and maintain future data.

And Merry Christmas